Why Diamond Jewellery Is Considered To Be One Of The Expensive?

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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive: The History

In line with ancient greek diamonds have been taken into consideration to be the tears of the gods. In contrast to this, the Romans agree that the tips of the cupid’s arrows had been made of diamonds.

At the same time as others believed it to be the symbol of electricity and courage. However, the story behind the popularization of diamond engagement earrings isn’t always this.

Comply with along the item to find out how a marketing advertising marketing campaign led with the resource of de beers mining enterprise business enterprise convinced and popularized the ideology that engagement earrings want diamonds.

Why Diamonds Are So Valuable?

Diamonds Are Expensive Because They’re So Rare

Diamonds are not especially uncommon. In reality, as compared to different gemstones, they’re the maximum commonplace valuable stone located.The Most Expensive Diamond Jewelry In The World - Lh Mag

Generally, the value consistent with carat (or weight of a gemstone) is based upon a stone’s rarity; the rarer the stone, the more incredibly priced.

Therefore, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are plenty rarer and, in turn, far greater cost than diamonds.

Mining Difficulties

Diamonds naturally shape in the excessive stress, hot surroundings deep beneath the earth’s floor. Extracting these diamonds from the earth isn’t always easy. Mining includes the use of heavy equipment, hydraulic shovels, vehicles, and different costly device that is hard to operate. This equipment is used to ship ore to the surface, wherein the diamonds are in the end extracted.

After a diamond is extracted, a diamond cutter needs to shape and polish it to make sure it is prepared for sale. Mining, slicing, and sprucing diamonds is a tough, hard work-intensive method. The complexity of this procedure absolutely will increase the fee of diamonds.


The diamond is ranked as a ten at the Mohs hardness scale, which is used to measure the electricity and durability of a gemstone. This high score shows that the diamond is one of the toughest minerals in the world. It’s miles almost impossible to scratch the floor of a diamond and pretty hard to interrupt or crack it as nicely.

This top-notch sturdiness is one of the many traits that units a diamond apart from other gems. It’s additionally one of the factors that increases a diamond’s fee. Diamonds will final a good deal longer than different more delicate gemstones, so they are more valuable.

The Bigger The Diamond, The Extra It Costs

At the same time as this is not entirely wrong, it’s no longer entirely proper, either. The size or carat weight of a diamond is the simplest one thing in calculating the cost of the diamond.

Referred to as the “4 C’s,” carat, clarity, coloration, and cut tell the rate of a diamond. No unmarried function outweighs every other; they all make a contribution and influence the very last retail fee.

For example, you could have a whopping 10-karat diamond, but, if its readability is low, it does no longer assure the big stone will be worth more than a smaller-sized diamond with ideal readability.

Which Is The World’s Most Expensive Diamond?

12. 03-carat blue diamond is said to be the world’s maximum pricey diamond that was bought for $49.4 million. It was offered by way of billionaire Joseph Lau for his 7-years-old daughter Josephine.

The blue diamond turned into later renamed with the aid of him because of the ‘Blue Moon Of Josephine. The uncommon diamond has an exceedingly fancy brilliant blue color. However, Kohinoor is the maximum expensive diamond in the global, weighing 105 carats with a weight of 21. 6 grams.

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